What People Are Saying About Elaine Marshall

“As a lawyer, a state senator and for the last 14 years as secretary of state, Marshall has been a consistent voice and vote for the interests of regular folks and equal rights for all.”

Independent Weekly; June 2, 2010

“Marshall, in her bones and in her roots, is working-class. So she’s not confused about what the rights of working men and women should be in a world economy dominated by giant corporations and banks.”

Independent Weekly; June 2, 2010

“Elaine Marshall’s view of government is that it should serve the many, not the few, whether that means helping to shore up the economy and create jobs, protecting the sick from losing health insurance or ensuring that the predators of Wall Street are brought to justice.”

Raleigh News and Observer; Oct 17, 2010

“Her 13-plus year performance as secretary of state has been impressive. She was instrumental in bringing about lobbying and ethics reforms. She brought organizational skills and technological upgrades that have vastly improved the performance of her department. She is recognized for her efforts to combat counterfeit goods and protect copyrights. And she has battled consumer fraud.”

Charlotte Observer; April 18, 2010

“Marshall is authentic, smart, experienced and public-service oriented. She has taken on special interests and won.

Charlotte Observer; April 18, 2010

“Secretary Marshall has been instrumental in North Carolina’s fight against counterfeiters and pirates and has recognized the seriousness of such crimes, particularly with the connections to organized crime and terrorism, and has expressed deep concern over health and safety issues raised by dangerous counterfeits.”

–Steven D’Onofrio, Exec. Dir., International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition; Nov 8, 2001

“Elaine Marshall is a true leader on this issue. She has established a Task Force that seeks out counterfeiters and pirates that steal North Carolina jobs and North Carolina tax revenue, and threaten the lives of North Carolina citizens. She has made intellectual property one of her top priorities and we wish every state had a leader as passionate about fighting counterfeiting and piracy as she is.”

–US Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue; Nov 7, 2007

“Secretary Marshall’s work… ultimately makes North Carolina one of the most affordable places to do business in 2008.”

–Campbell University School of Law

“Marshall has received national attention for her modernization of the Secretary of State office, including progressive work in the technological field. In addition, Elaine is an incredible role model for strong women and keeps the women of North Carolina as a top priority.”

–National Women’s Political Caucus 2012